How to Claim Your Order

Thanks for Showing your Interest in my Website and Putting your Trust on me :)

There are Several way you can get Your Pet after Delivery. You can Email me You can Also Use Instagram,Discord anything you are Comfortable with But the Fastest I recommend is By Using WhatsApp Because I am Mostly Always Online on it. If I am Online You can also use The Chat System on Website But I am rarely Online Here Cause I Have a Day Job Where I am at Work for Like 10 Hours So In weekdays It would be Hard for me to be online on Website But In Weekend I will be Online So I Suggest you to Use WhatsApp that's the Best Option.


You can Use Facebook Messenger to Reach out to Me Very Fast :)


Phone Number: +31686088367

Below is a Video Showing How it's Done You can Watch it and You will be Clear How it's Done :)