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Test Product - Only For Tutorial

Test Product - Only For Tutorial

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This Product is Test

How to get Pets after Ordering?

So after ordering your Pet You will recieve a Order Number Then Use the Chat with us Button to Chat with Us we will need your Roblox Username and Order number. We have to add you as friend in game and then we have to trade in game and In the trade we give you what you bought.

How Long does it Take to Get my Pet?

if we are online, We can give you your pets right away but sometime we won't be online and it can take some hours to get your pet. Please don't forget to Contact us After Ordering to get your Pet.

Can I Return Pets or Change pets which are same Value?

I am So Sorry to tell you, We are not able to do this Please think first and make sure that you really want the thing you are buying we won't be able to change it. it's very rare that we do this but sometime we can do that.

How to Leave Review

After getting your Things which you bought, Now you can make me happy to leave a Positive Review You will find a button "Write a Review" at the very bottom of this page there You can Leave a Review.

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Use this Store to Purchase your all games stuff if you have any Suggestion that you want us to add on our website we are open to Improve your Experience Taking any kind of Suggestion which can help us Improve and grown so we can provide you guys the best Experience in buying your Digital good.